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We would love for you to know some of our secrets in cooking. We won’t mind sharing them to you so that you can recreate them at home and have a blast.


Gingerbread cookie

Gingerbread cookies are irresistible. If you want to give them a shot, these are some of the secrets that we have to offer so that you will get that perfect texture and rich taste.

  • Use softened butter over melted butter. Softened butter won’t lead to denser cookies. You want your gingerbread to be soft and fluffy.
  • Softening the butter can be made easier. You can the stick with a tablespoon to evenly spread the heat and soften the butter quickly.
  • Choose the right type of molasses. The kind of molasses you use will have a major impact on what you’re preparing. Our secret is a Whole Foods brand of molasses. It’s in a jar and it makes gingerbread taste heavenly.
  • Never skip chill time. You have to make sure that you don’t skip the refrigeration part after doing the dough. Otherwise, it won’t be firm and difficult to eat.


There are lots of ways to prepare barbecue. It even differs based on your geographical location. Nevertheless, we would love to share with you how we prepare our barbecue and why it has a unique taste.

  • Light up early. Make sure that you prepare the fire as early as possible so you won’t have any problem when you start to grill the meat and vegetables. You also give the coal time to burn down and guarantee that the heat is even before starting the grilling process.
  • Choose mellow wood for grilling. Apple, peach and cherry are top options because they have a good smoky flavor and richness. Make sure that you choose wood over coal if you want that subtle, but rich flavor.
  • Smoking and grilling are not the same. While smoking relies on indirect heat, grilling cooks the meat at high temperature and is a lot faster. If you choose to smoke, you need to be patient. However, the flavor will be very rich and satisfying.
  • Control grill temperature. Make sure that you cook your meat all throughout. The temperature of your grill will determine if you already overcooked the meat or if it’s only cooked on the outside. Therefore, you need to be careful in looking after temperature control.
  • Choose the right meat. The only secret when it comes to barbecue grilling is the type of meat. When you find the right part and assure quality, you’re good to go.


Given how difficult it is to prepare pizza, you would rather order and call it a day. However, there’s value in preparing pizza from scratch. These are some secrets we can share if you decide to do the pizza yourself.

  • Add olive oil on your flour mixture. It guarantees that the dough is elastic and easy to knead. When it comes to kneading, you have to ensure that you do it thoroughly to achieve the desired results.
  • Don’t forget to let the dough rise. Make sure that you leave the dough for an hour to let it rise. The volume will increase by two times. If you forget this part, the pizza won’t be easy to consume.
  • Don’t go stingy with the sauce. Make sure you have more than three tablespoons of pizza sauce for an average diameter. Don’t stick with traditional tomato paste. There are other choices available for you that are just as good, or even better. It includes hummus and pesto sauce.
  • Don’t go all out with toppings. You only need a layer of toppings and shouldn’t be over a centimeter. You want your cheese on top to melt well and blend with the toppings perfectly.

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