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Company History

We are the Strauss sisters. Growing up, our family was big on food. Everyday seems to be a holiday when you’re at home.

As soon as we arrive home from school, something great is already cooking up. Our mother made sure that we only have the best dishes to fill our stomach.

There’s no wonder why all three of us decided to pursue a career in culinary arts. Our parents didn’t start a restaurant business despite their impressive cooking skills.

We decided that we have to continue their legacy and come up with a culinary website that shares the recipes to those who are interested to learn.

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We don’t hold back

You would love to view the information on our website because we are open to everyone.

We don’t hold back in sharing the culinary secrets. We want you to recreate these dishes at home.

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You have a choice

Our website is all about choice. We want you to feel like you won’t have any problem in recreating the dishes.

You will find it easier to understand the recipes at our site than the videos you can watch online.

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Great reviews

We are proud to say that we have received great reviews so far.

Those who visited our website felt satisfied with what they’re getting.


Try them now

We will keep on sharing information since it’s the reason why we initiated this site in the first place. We would love to know that you succeeded in doing what we shared.

Happy Client

We are proud to share some of the best dishes that we have come up with or learned from our parents. We believe that those who have browsed our website were satisfied with the information obtained. However, instead of telling to you about how they feel, you can read the testimonials yourself.

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Feel free to tell us how you feel about the website. We would listen to you and make sure that we have the necessary changes.

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