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Last updated: November 2019

Terms and Conditions

Recipes and cooking secrets

The information we post online is based on our personal experience and the recipes shared to us by our parents. We don’t guarantee that you will get the exact results you hope if you desire to follow those tips. If you decide to use them, it’s on your discretion. We won’t be responsible for any issue or problem as you tried to follow our advice.


To become a member, you need to register. It’s optional, and we don’t require everyone to do it. If you chose to be a member, you have to follow our privacy policy and other terms.

Use of information

We love sharing the information with everyone. We don’t mind if you decide to copy the information for personal use. We also don’t mind if you start a business following the recipe we have shared. However, we won’t allow you to share and publish the information without due credit. We also deem it inappropriate if you take credit for our recipe. We reserve the right to take legal actions if necessary.

Changes on the site

We reserve the right to make changes on the site any time we want, or as we deem appropriate. We also reserve the right to tweak the information we provide as necessary. Feel free to leave the site if uncomfortable with this term.

No advocacy

The culinary website is mainly for sharing recipes and related information. We include all sorts of dishes available. We don’t discriminate based on the origin of the dish. We don’t advocate for a healthy lifestyle. We also don’t advocate vegetarianism and other forms of diet. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of eating certain ingredients due to personal, religious or dietary beliefs, you can leave the site.

Privacy Policy

This page declares that the information presented in this website is available for everyone to browse. You don’t need to pay to avail of the information. We also don’t have premium membership. You’re free to go through every detail as you please.

However, we may use cookies. They’re necessary for data analytics purposes only. They don’t serve any other function. They don’t collect private information or data. If you’re not comfortable with this idea, you may leave the site now.


You can register if you wish to be an official member of the group. These are the privileges you will receive if you register:

  • Newsletters
  • Notifications for new posts
  • Free download of recipes
  • Invitation to special events
  • Notification for promotions and deals from various stores

If you decide to be a member, you need to provide us with the following information:

  • Complete name
  • Email address
  • Mailing address
  • Birthdate
  • Age
  • Contact information

Use of collected information

The details we have obtained from you will be used only for the agreed transaction. We won’t violate your right to privacy. We will also delete the information on our database if you decide to do so. If you don’t want to subscribe to the newsletters, you’re also free to do it any time you want.

We want your ideas

If there are ways for us to improve, feel free to tell us. Our team would be glad to listen to you.